November 25 each year is celebrated as National Teacher‘s Day.

This Indonesian Teacher‘s Day is celebrated to reward the services of the teachers, the unsung hero.

Do you know why November 25 was chosen as Teacher‘s Day? Citing various sources, November 25 is designated as Teacher‘s Day based on Presidential Decree Number 78 of 1994.

Unlike the Teacher’s Day celebrations in other countries, National Teacher’s Day in Indonesia is not a national holiday. Usually Teacher’s Day and PGRI Day, the schools celebrate with a ceremony. Not only that, the awarding ceremony was also held.


indonesian teacher day
indonesian teacher day

The celebration of service and the services of the teachers is commemorated along with the birthday of the Republic of Indonesia Teachers’ Association or PGRI. PGRI itself was formed on November 25, 1945 by Rh. Koesnan, Djajeng Soegianto, Amin Singgih, Soetono, Soemidi Adisasmito, Ali Marsaban, and Abdullah Noerbambang.

But before finally becoming a union of teachers, the association was called the Dutch East Indies Teachers Association (PGHB).

PGHB was founded in 1912 and consists of principals, auxiliary teachers, village teachers, and other school equipment. Their membership grew and became more nationalist.

They also decided to change the name of PGHB to the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGI). This name is no doubt made the Dutch government shocked. Because there is an Indonesian name in it. For the Dutch government, this is considered a threat to their government.

This change of name was carried out in 1932. The struggle to liberate Indonesia was even stronger with the teachers. One by one the way is more open.

But during the Japanese occupation, PGI no longer carried out activities and organizations were prohibited. After Indonesia’s independence on August 17, 1945, made PGI hold the first Indonesian Teacher Congress on November 24-25, 1946 in Surakarta, Central Java.

One of the results of the Congress was to eliminate ethnic, racial, religious, political and other differences to join into one Indonesia. On November 25, 1945, they ratified the formation of PGRI. As a form of respect for the teachers, the government also established PGRI’s birthday as National Teacher’s Day.

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