Tabuik is a three-tiered keranda-shaped object made of wood, rattan and bamboo. Taboo is the main object that is paraded on the beach to then be thrown into the sea.

Tabuik’s body is made in the form of a large, wide-winged horse, and has a long-haired beautiful woman. The making of tabuik was done from 1 to 9 Muharam by two Pariaman community groups, namely the Market group and the Suberang group. Tabuik made two.

Aside from being the name of the ceremony, Tabuik is also pinned to the name of the object which is an important component in this ritual. Tabuik consists of two pieces and is made of bamboo and wood. The shape is in the form of a horse-bodied animal, with a human head, sturdy and winged. By Muslims, this animal is called Buraq and is considered a magical animal. On Tabuik’s back, a post about 15 m tall was made. Tabuik is then decorated with red and other colors and will be wine later.

The West Sumatra tabuik ceremony is one of the many unique cultures in Indonesia. The word ut ark ’itself comes from Arabic meaning it is parading, this Tabuik ceremony is one of the traditions for the people who are on the west coast, West Sumatra province. The Tabuik ceremony has been held down and down. The Tabuik ceremony is often held on Asura day which falls on every 10th of Muharram, the Islamic calendar month. The Tabuik ceremony is a symbol and as a form of expression of the citizens as a very deep sorrow and respect from Muslims in Pariaman to the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.

Historically this ceremony was closely related to the growth and development of the Islamic religion, especially Syiah Islam in Pariaman. This ceremony is also a symbol and a form of expression of deep sorrow and respect for Muslims in Pariaman against the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. Because of the excitement and uniqueness of each performance, the local government then entered the Tabuik ceremony in the West Sumatra tourism agenda and was held every year.

Every organizing of the Tabuik ceremony is very lively so that the local government also incorporates this interesting Tabuik ceremony into the tourism agenda in West Sumatra and is held annually. (Culture, Characteristics, traditional ceremonies. Tradition. Tokoh,)

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