Embe Beach

Embe Beach, Enjoy the Beauty of the Bay of Belantung

Helloindonesia.id – The Belantung Bay area has long been a recreational destination for Lampung people. In this bay, we can see a vast expanse of sea water as if surrounded by a white sandy coastline.

Embe Beach
Embe Beach

The curve of the coastline that surrounds. The sea allows us to witness the beauty of the rising and setting of the sun from two different beaches. One of the beach segments in this bay. Which is a favorite of local travelers is Merak Belantung Beach or now better known as eMBe Beach.

The Embe beach is one of the affordable family recreation facilities for all groups. One of the attractions of this beach is the white sandy beach.

Recreational facilities offered by the beach are also quite adequate. Starting from the outbound track, water play facilities for children, canoe rental, cottages to relax, and various culinary sea.

Location of Embe beach

The eMBe beach is an ideal recreation destination for people in South Lampung and Bandar Lampung. Located at Kilometer 45 Jalan Lintas Sumatera, this beach is quite easily accessible both from the Bakauheni direction and from the center of Bandar Lampung City. From the direction of Bandar Lampung, there is an entrance of approximately 3 km to this beach.

Embe Beach
Embe Beach

Its strategic location makes this beach crowded with people on weekends. In the holiday season such as Eid holiday or new year, the flow of traffic around the entrance to the beach tends to solidify due to the increasing number of visitors.

The eMBe beach is only one of the beach recreation rides in Belantung Bay. Besides this beach, there are several other beaches, namely Bagus Beach, Sapenan Beach, Tanjung Beo Beach, and Grand Elty Krakatoa Resort.

EMBe Beach and Grand Elty Krakatoa are managed under one management, namely Krakatoa Nirwana Resort. In its development, the eMBe Beach is projected as a vehicle for ecotourism that not only prioritizes the aspect of recreation, but also education about environmental preservation to the community.

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