Fresh Manado Typical Brenebon Ice – Enjoying ice cream when the sun is hot is certainly a very pleasant activity. Especially if the ice dish that is enjoyed has been modified with the addition of various kinds of ingredients. The resulting taste is definitely more delicious.

  • Es Brenebon Khas Manado Yang Segar

In the city of Manado, North Sulawesi, there is a dish of ice that is not only delicious but also healthy. Red bean ice is called or the surrounding community knows it as ice brenebon.

Brenebon ice is a delicious appetizer or snack when served during the day. Moreover, the city of Manado which is located by the sea is known for its hot air, making the thirst in the throat come faster. Using red peanuts as the main ingredient, brenebon ice has a sweet and fresh taste.

This choice of red peanuts not only makes the taste sweeter but also makes the red bean ice more attractive when served with shaved ice.

In addition to shaved ice, other ingredients such as syrup, and sweetened condensed milk are additional ingredients that make the taste of brenebon ice more delicious. The sweet and healthy taste of red beans blends in an attractive little bowl.

For information, red beans contain B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and protein. This makes red beans efficacious to prevent cholesterol, help the process of blood clotting in wounds and prevent the risk of diabetes.

If you visit Manado, there’s nothing wrong with tasting this fresh culinary dish. Besides being able to quench thirst, the properties of red beans are also useful to help maintain the condition of your body.

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