Natural Wealth in Manusela National Park

Kekayaan Alam Yang Menakjubkan Di Taman Nasional Manusela

The eastern part of Indonesia is part of Indonesia with many areas that have not been touched by humans. The natural wealth is so abundant and the panorama is very attractive to be the main attraction of this region. Maluku is one of the provinces in Eastern Indonesia that has almost all of these advantages. Seram Island is an area in Maluku that presents the diversity of this natural wealth, especially in the Manusela National Park area.

  • Kekayaan Alam Yang Menakjubkan Di Taman Nasional Manusela
  • Kekayaan Alam Yang Menakjubkan Di Taman Nasional Manusela
  • Kekayaan Alam Yang Menakjubkan Di Taman Nasional Manusela

What is Manusela National Park?

Manusela National Park is a conservation area with an area of ​​about 189,000 Ha. The location of this area almost covers 75 percent of Central Maluku district. This park is a combination of two nature reserves, namely Wae Nua and Wae Mual along with the entire expansion of their territory. However, administratively the Manusela National Park area is included in North Seram District with the capital OH and South Seram District with the capital Tehoru. This National Park is very wide and has natural wealth and beautiful panoramas that are well known to foreign countries.

The contours of the area in the Manusela National Park are very diverse. Starting from mountains, smaller hills, pristine tropical forests, coastal mangrove forests, to oceans with very beautiful coral reefs. In fact, it is said that Manusela National Park is the most beautiful nature conservation area in Indonesia. Various activities can also be done in Manusela National Park, ranging from rock climbing, hiking, camping, snorkeling, to diving can be done in various selected locations with different attractions.

For hiking lovers, this natural tourist area has Mount Binaiya which is the highest mountain in Maluku. This mountain is quite friendly to climb, of course with the licensing procedure according to the applicable rules. Binaiya is right in the middle of Seram Island and already has safe and very beautiful hiking access to pass. For those who don’t like mountains, the northern coastal area of ​​Seram Island also holds extraordinary charm. Various types of coral reefs and beautiful marine ecosystems are ready to welcome those of us who snorkel or dive in the area. Not to forget, various attractive and beautiful resorts are also found in this coastal area and are ready to bring anyone who visits to be amazed by the beautiful charm of the Manusela National Park.

Flora and fauna

Various flora and fauna typical of Maluku are also found in this National Park. Call it Eucalyptus, banyan, mangrove, ketapan, sea pine, and many more become the natural vegetation of this park. For Fauna, large birds such as Cockatoo, Cassowary, Parrot, and Kasturi or animals such as Cuscus, Deer, Mapea, Weasel, and several others become permanent residents in this Manusela National Park. In fact, their existence is directly protected under a law that prohibits anyone from hunting in the Manusela National Park.

Manusela National Park is a very valuable “treasure” belonging to Indonesia. Its existence is an important asset for the future of the Indonesian people, both from the forestry and tourism sectors. One important thing that must be a concern is the nature conservation efforts that have been promoted by the government through this place. This effort will never succeed if we as citizens do not take part, support, and begin to care about the existence of the Manusela National Park.