Ngata Dahar – On the opening night of Erau, at the palace of the Kutai Sultanate, he maintains a special banquet called Ngata Dahar. The event was carried out after the Sultanate delegation that made water extraction in Kutai Long returned to the palace. The period of this ritual practice is the night after the merging ritual of the 3rd night is carried out by gods (ritual dedication of women) and purchases (ritual dedication of women) in the purchase of Serapo. In this banquet, the Sultan is accompanied by gods and purchases, Sultanate brothers, and guests.

After completing the ritual of buying Serapo, God and the purchase will enter the center of the palace. When the Sultan enters the booth, God and the purchase will be able to spend it. The Sultan will then sit on Kasturi’s mat to preside over this banquet. In front of the Sultan, there are various ritual dishes and ritual completeness. The seven lords and seven buyers will sit behind the sultan, while the brothers and guests will sit before the Sultan, the offering of the face.

To the audience, he was presented with 41 types of dishes consisting of various combinations (joints of the market). The types of congregation that were spread were, among others, Elat from ox, Apam, Chicken, Kambon, Pending, Soko, Cock, Tole-Tol, Peanut, and Honey. In addition to meals for guests who are picked up, there are also dishes for ‘good people’ or invisible residents. The dishes, among others, are three types of rice, namely black, red and white rice. There are also several ritual tools such as yellow rice, sesame seeds, charcoal burning, tpermer, and kekaki.

The program begins with the presence of an offering by a temporary or controlling deity. The gods and purchases then perform rituals attached to the Sultan, as an objective form and a blessing in itself. Then, pray that Erau may run smoothly and not face obstacles. After the procession is over, the 41 types of dishes provided can be enjoyed by the audience. [Ardee / IndonesiaKaya]

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