Pengkang Lemper

Pengkang Lemper, Its Savory and Spicy Evocative Taste – This culinary, is very fitting when eaten while still warm. The savory taste of sticky rice is combined with the aroma of shrimp pervading every bite of a culinary called lemang lemper. Bride lemper is usually served with hot chili sauce and chili sauce. The sweet taste combined with the spicy chili sauce is quite appetizing. Although it has a relatively small size, Pontianak’s culinary is enough to make your stomach full.

Pengkang Lemper
Pengkang Lemper

Lemper, coming from Peniti Village, Siantan District, or precisely located on Jalan Raya Pontianak-Singkawang. Unlike the lemper in general, the form of the curb lemper has a unique shape that is cone-shaped and tied with two pieces of bamboo.

The way of presentation is quite unique. This baking lemper is cooked by baking. After two pieces of baking glue is burned, then served with red chili sauce and chili sauce. Two sambal served have a different taste, red chili sauce has a pretty spicy taste, and the chilli sauce tastes sweeter. Sambal kepah itself is made from shells that normally live in mangrove forests in the region of West Kalimantan. It is processed by boiling it until cooked and mixed with chili sauce with a sweet taste.

Basic ingredients Lemper Pengkang

pengkang lemper is made from the main ingredient of glutinous rice that has been cooked with coconut milk. After that it is filled with dried ebi (small roasted shrimp) then wrapped in a cone-shaped banana leaf. After the cone is formed, the lemper is then clamped into a piece of bamboo which is cut into small pieces and installed by clamping both sides of the lemper and tying it to the end. After being tied, then smeared with a little oil and burned on the coals of a coconut shell, so it produces a distinctive aroma.

For those of you who like lemper, do not miss to taste the typical Siantan curry lemper, West Kalimantan. The price is relatively affordable, enough with Rp. 15,000 you can already enjoy bridging lemper. If you want to try to enjoy this lemper with a chili sauce, you just need to add Rp. 20,000 for this special chili dish. In addition to the delicious food while still warm at the lemper seller, this culinary can also be used as a provision for your trip while touring in West Kalimantan.

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