The Enchantment of Batu Putih Beach, North Sulawesi

The Enchantment of Batu Putih Beach, North Sulawesi – Indonesia has extraordinary natural charm. White stone beach in Bitung, North Sulawesi. This beach is included in the Batu Putih Natural Tourism Park (TWA), which is famous for the habitat of endemic animals, namely tarsiers. The uniqueness of this beach is able to attract tourists who visit. The soft, black sand on the beach and the calm of the waves bring comfort to the visitors.

  • Pesona Pantai Batu Putih, Sulawesi Utara
  • Pesona Pantai Batu Putih, Sulawesi Utara

However, the beach which is still lacking in facilities does not become a barrier to enjoying the beauty of this beach. Because, this beach has its own charm to expose its natural beauty.

The beautiful panorama of the sea and the combination of blue clouds make the beach so natural. Along the coast, shaded trees are a place to unwind for visitors. Hearing the birds chirping and the coastal breeze make tourists who visit enjoy TWA beach more.

The left side of the beach can be seen from a distance, there are towering cliffs. In addition, the underwater panorama of the white rock beach is no less interesting. We can feel the sensation of underwater biota. However, visitors must bring their own snorkeling equipment. Due to the lack of facilities, this beach does not provide rental equipment needed by visitors.

Access to white stone beach

Visiting Batu Putih Beach, tourists are required to access vehicles from Manado. Access to the white stone beach is 50 km with a time of 3 hours or 2 hours drive from the city of Manado. After arriving at your destination you will feel the natural charm of the white stone beach.

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