Palangkaraya Park – City park is one place that can be used by the surrounding community as an area to relax or just gather with friends or family. Unfortunately, many city parks in Indonesia are in poor condition and left unattended. In the city of Palangkaraya, which is the capital of Central Kalimantan Province, there is a city park whose condition is still maintained today. Palangkarqaya City Park is one of the favorite choices for the people of Palangkaraya City or migrants visiting the city that were designed directly by Indonesia’s first President, Ir. Soekarno is to spend their free time.

Palangkaraya Park
Palangkaraya Park

The location of Palangkaraya City Park, which also has another designation, is that the Struggle Park is adjacent to the Office of the Governor of Central Kalimantan. Nearly half of the city park is bordered by fortresses designed with reliefs that show the struggle of the Palangkaraya people in seizing independence for the State of Indonesia. In addition to the reliefs of the struggle of the Palangkaraya community to decorate the city park, in this park there is also a relief that represents the Youth Oath where there are five people from different tribes in Indonesia holding each other. Aside from being a place to relax, Palangkaraya City Park is also used as a gathering place for several communities such as the bicycle lover community and also as a place of learning for students and students from around the City of Palangkaraya. Palangkaraya City was once prepared by President Soekarno to become the Capital of Indonesia. In addition to the city park, Palangkaraya also has a Soekarno monument which is the place to lay the first stone as a sign of Palangkaraya City development.

Morning and evening is the best time to enjoy the atmosphere of Palangkaraya City Park. After playing and relaxing in this city park, visitors can also visit a trademark of the city, the Kahayan River. On this river there is a long bridge that connects the two areas divided by the river. The Kahayan River is very fitting to be visited at dusk while waiting for the sunset.

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