Pulut Nasi, a Delicious-Spicy-Taste Breakfast Menu from Kutai

Pulut Nasi, a Delicious-Spicy-Taste Breakfast Menu from Kutai

Helloindonesia.id – Like other areas in the archipelago, the people of Kutai have a special dish for dining in the morning. There are various types of jajak (market snacks) that are commonly used as a typical breakfast menu for the people of Kutai. All of these jajak have different flavors, ranging from sweet, savory, to spicy. One of the favorite menus for breakfast is rice pulut. This snack is made from rice with a soft texture and has a savory-spicy taste.

Looking at its appearance, the shape of the rice pulut looks like a bebongko – another type of jajak from Kutai. The rice pulut is wrapped in banana leaves that are folded in the middle from both sides. To tighten the folds of banana leaves, pin a stick in the middle.

When the banana leaf wrap is opened, you will see the contents. Looking at the contents in the package, this snack looks like arem-arem or lontong. Like arem-arem and lontong, rice pulut is also made from rice. It’s just that, the texture is softer. The rice, which is part of the filling of the rice pulp, is mixed with thickened coconut milk and is not filled with fillings such as ragout or vegetables.

Rice pulut is indeed made from rice and coconut milk which is seasoned with a little salt. The coconut milk used consists of two types, namely thick coconut milk and thin coconut milk. These three ingredients are wrapped in banana leaves and then steamed for two hours. During this steaming process, thin coconut milk will be absorbed into the rice, while thick coconut milk will thicken, so that a thick texture of rice is formed, covered with white and thick coconut milk ‘sauce’.

Pulut rice has a faint salty-savory taste, so it is incomplete if it is not served with a special peanut sauce splash. This peanut sauce consists of red chilies, bird’s eye chilies, mashed roasted peanuts, with a little salt added. Before serving, all the ingredients are fried briefly. This peanut sauce adds a spicy flavor while strengthening the savory taste. You can find rice pulut after dawn around the bridge near the Tenggarong Art Market or in traditional markets.

Source : Indonesiakaya.com

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