Seraung, Kalimantan's Typical Head Protector – This hat is a daily protector used by the Dayak people in Kalimantan. Having a wide size and at a glance similar to a caping hat, this is the typical Dayak hat that we encounter in the Kalimantan region, especially Dayak Kenyah who live in Lekaq Kidau, East Kalimantan.

Seraung is made of blue leaves, a type of palm leaf that is wide and grows in many forests of Borneo. The process of making this hat begins with the dried blue leaves, then arranged and sewn in a circle like a cone.

Once finished, these leaves are then covered with a light, bright colored cloth. The next process, decorated with beads or embroidery.

Seraung for the Dayak community is usually used when going outside the house, especially when doing activities in the forest. In addition, seraung is also often worn in traditional ceremonies there.

The color is beautiful and spoils the eye, making seraung nowadays often used as wall decoration. In fact, recently, Seraung has been used as a typical Kalimantan souvenir that is hunted by both foreign and domestic tourists. [Tawheed / Indonesia Kaya]

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