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Reog Ponorogo, Legendary Cultural Arts

Helloindonesia.id – Reog is one of the cultural arts originating from northwestern East Java and Ponorogo which is considered the original city of Reog. The town gate of Ponorogo is decorated by the figures of Warok and Gemblak, two figures who participated when Reog was shown. Reog is one proof of regional culture in Indonesia […]

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10 Exotic Beaches in East Java

1. Papuma Beach, Jember Papuma Beach is located in Lojejer Village, Wuluhan District, Jember Regency. Traveling from the city of Jember to Papuma Beach can take a long time, so it is recommended that you stay overnight here. The management has provided several inns and cottages at quite affordable prices, around 150,000 – 450,000 Rupiah […]

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