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Indonesian Cocoa Contributes 13 Percent of World Production – Originally from South America, (the Aztec Indian region), cocoa was brought to Indonesia and grew well. Like coffee, Indonesian cocoa develops in taste and in its economy. World chocolate production and consumption which tends to be stable, encourages the development of the Indonesian chocolate economy to develop throughout the world. Domestically, cocoa also […]

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Masalili Weaving, Typical Traditional Fabric of Southeast Muna Regency – Weaving has become a hereditary activity in Masalili Village, Kontunaga District, Muna Regency, Southeast Sulawesi. Until now, Masalili Village has become the center of traditional Muna woven fabric production. Almost every house in Masalili Village produces woven fabrics. Masalili village is located about 8 kilometers from Kota Raha, the capital of Muna Regency. […]

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