Taste Uta Kelo, A Typical Cuisine of the Kaili Tribe

Traveling in Indonesia is not only about beautiful natural scenery or the friendliness of local residents, but also about various kinds of delicious food. Indonesian cuisine, which is rich in taste, always makes you curious to taste it. In Central Sulawesi Province, especially in the Donggala Regency area, there is one food from the Kaili Tribe, which is a native tribe of the Central Sulawesi region that is a pity to miss. Uta Kelo is the name of this one food with Moringa leaves as the main ingredient. Kelo itself in Indonesian means Moringa leaves. Moringa leaves are easy to find in the villages where the Kaili people live.

Uta Kelo is made from a mixture of Moringa leaves cooked with coconut milk. At first glance maybe this one food is similar to cassava leaf curry. Uta Kelo can be served by adding complementary ingredients such as banana kapok, shrimp, or eggplant. The unique taste of Uta Kelo lies in the combination of the savory taste produced by coconut milk and the spicy taste produced by the cayenne pepper which is one of the main ingredients in this dish. For those of you who have never tried Moringa leaf preparations before, you will definitely be interested in this one preparation. Spicy food lovers are obliged to taste Uta Kelo when visiting Donggala.

In addition to its tantalizing taste, Moringa leaves, which are the main ingredients in making Uta Kelo, have good properties for the body. Moringa leaves are believed to restore energy, so Uta Kelo is suitable as a menu of choice at lunch to restore energy wasted during activities. The Kaili Tribe community itself has a unique myth about this food, they believe that if an outsider who is not from the Kaili Tribe comes to taste Uta Kelo, that person will have a sense of longing or want to return to the area where the Kaili Tribe lives, will also come back. and live permanently in the area where they live.

source : indonesiakaya.com

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