Traditional Weaving Dayak Iban
Traditional Weaving Dayak Iban
Traditional Weaving Dayak Iban – Kebat cloth’s name. This woven cloth is commonly used by the Iban Dayak people in West Kalimantan. This cloth has become one of the luxurious clothes that are commonly used at great ceremonies.The weavers of the Iban Dayak tribe often use asymmetrical patterns on kebat cloth. In addition, they also often use natural motifs, such as plants and animals.

Kebat fabric prices vary greatly. Starting from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. The quality of the fabric and the complexity of the motifs determine the price of a kebat fabric.In addition to kebat cloth, the Iban Dayak tribe also has several other special woven fabrics. One of them is woven woven fabric. The specificity of this woven fabric is in bright and bright colors.

Another cloth that also comes from one of the Dayak tribes who live in West Kalimantan is a sungket cloth. This fabric has a large and firm striped motif.These woven fabrics prove that Indonesia has a variety of traditional fabrics that are unique and rich in diverse motifs in each region.

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