Two Flavors Beautiful Lake, Labuan Cermin Lake

Two Flavors Beautiful Lake, Labuan Cermin Lake – Indonesia is indeed rich in charm. Not only customs and culture, tourist attractions in Indonesia also add to the wealth of this country located on the equator. The island of Borneo, one of the islands that crosses the equator has extraordinary allure. This island, which has quite a large natural wealth, is one of the islands that must be enjoyed by its natural beauty. There is a magical place that is quite unique here, its name is Labuan Cermin.

  • Two Flavors Beautiful Lake, Labuan Cermin Lake
  • Two Flavors Beautiful Lake, Labuan Cermin Lake
  • Two Flavors Beautiful Lake, Labuan Cermin Lake
  • Two Flavors Beautiful Lake, Labuan Cermin Lake

Not a beach nor a mountain, this place is a lake that has a beauty that makes anyone who visits it amazed. Labuan Cermin Lake is located in Labuan Kelambu Village in the Biduk-biduk District of East Kalimantan which can be reached by road for about 6 to 7 hours from the capital of Berau Regency, Tanjung Redeb, East Kalimantan. Even though the journey is quite far, the tiredness will soon be cured once you see the natural beauty in Labuan Cermin.

To reach Labuan Cermin Lake, visitors must rent a boat from the pier with a boat rental price of 200,000 for a round trip, and it will be cheaper if you come with a group. Arriving there, visitors are guaranteed to be stunned by the beauty of this lake. Labuan Cermin Lake has very clear water, even the bottom of the lake in the form of sea sand can be seen clearly. Why is it called Labuan Cermin? This is because Labuan Cermin has a layer that makes sunlight reflect off. This happens because Labuan Cermin Lake has a salty taste that will be felt when we taste water from the surface of the lake, while the water at the bottom of the lake will taste fresh. These two types of water make the lake have a separating layer so that the water can bounce. Not infrequently people also call this Labuan Cermin lake as ‘Lake of Two Flavors’. Although it looks shallow, you must remain vigilant because the depth of this lake actually reaches 4 to 5 meters.

The scenery around Labuan Cermin Lake is very calming. Surrounded by lush trees that make the atmosphere very shady, so it is very appropriate to be a tourist destination for a moment to escape from the crowds that are often encountered every day. It is said that the local regent did develop Labuan Cermin as a tourist destination, starting with establishing this area as a conservation area or protected area, after which it will be equipped with supporting facilities that will make it easier for visitors to enjoy the beauty of this cool lake which has two flavors.

While in Labuan Cermin, visitors can do swimming, snorkeling and diving activities. When diving using snorkeling goggles, you will see some fish that swim not far from the surface and some are far below the bottom. The taste of the different waters causes the fish to separate. This can make it easier to distinguish between freshwater fish and saltwater fish.

Before heading to Labuan Cermin, don’t forget to prepare your own snorkeling equipment or for those who forget to bring it, don’t worry. At the pier where the crossing is located, there is a snorkeling equipment rental shop along with the buoy. For those who want to just play in the water and relax on the tires, Labuan Cermin is also available for rental car tires and even water boats that have transparent glass underneath. For lodging, you can get around the Big Dipper with various lodging prices, ranging from one hundred thousand rupiah to three hundred thousand rupiah per night. Or for the followers of cheap travel/backpacking, you can also stay at the houses of residents around the Big Dipper.

For travelers or visitors who want to take a trip to Derawan and Maratua Islands, there is nothing wrong with including Labuan Cermin in the East Kalimantan roaming itinerary. So, are you curious to dive right in and feel the water with two kinds of flavors at the same time in Labuan Cermin Lake?

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