Beseprah, the Tradition of Mass Breakfast for the People of Kutai

Beseprah, the Tradition of Mass Breakfast for the People of Kutai – On the sidelines of the Erau Festival, there is one interesting tradition that deserves to be watched. The tradition is beseprah, a mass breakfast tradition followed by various levels of society, regional officials, and relatives of the Sultanate, including the Sultan and the Crown Prince. Even though the participants came from various social statuses, at the time of this event the differences were not felt at all. Together they sat cross-legged, eating a meal in a very familiar atmosphere.

In beseprah, the attendees sit in groups around the dishes that have been provided. In the past, beseprah was held by the Sultan in power as an offering to his people. The banquet symbolizes the hopes and prayers offered by the Sultan so that he can become a leader who always protects the people he leads. This event also symbolizes the Sultan’s desire to mingle and feel what his people feel.

Although politically the Kutai Sultanate no longer governs the people of Kutai, these values ​​are still preserved by the Kutai Kartanegara Regency Government. Now, a beseprah banquet is being held by the Regency Government and the ranks of the offices it shelters and the support of various parties. If in the past the Keraton served a variety of dishes for the community, now these dishes are provided by the ranks of the Kutai Regency office.

Beseprah indeed symbolizes parallels between various circles of society. In a sense, beseprah means sitting at the same level, standing at the same level. The holding of this ritual every year can be interpreted as an event to build a sense of brotherhood among the people of Kutai and to strengthen friendship between people. In addition, in this tradition, there is a moral message that a leader must be close to and mingle with all his people. [Ardee / IndonesiaKaya]

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