Coral Reef Ecosystems in the Togean Islands – Talking about the underwater charm offered by Indonesian waters is endless. As one of the countries with the best dive points in the world, Indonesian waters have a diversity of marine life that adds to the richness of biodiversity in the Indonesian oceans. The Togean Islands, which are included in the Tojo Una-una Regency, Central Sulawesi Province, are one of the paradises of Indonesian waters. The fame of the Togean Islands has reached the ears of foreigners. Many foreign tourists do take their time to witness the underwater beauty offered by the Togean Islands. The waters of the Togean Islands are part of the most important coral reef ecosystem in the world. The nickname “The Heart of Coral Triangle” is not wrong if it is attached to the waters of the Togean Islands considering the many types of coral reefs that are still well preserved.

The Togean Islands consist of approximately twenty-five large and small islands scattered around its territorial waters. Islands such as Talatakoh, Una-una, Togean, Batudaka, Walea Kodi, and Walea Bahi fall into the category of large islands which are also excellent for tourists. Being one of the most important coral reef ecosystems in the world is evidence of the diversity of coral reefs that exist in these waters. Togean Islands National Park has various types of coral reefs ranging from fringing reef types, barrier reefs or barrier reefs which can also be found in Australian waters, as well as ring corals or atolls. The condition of coral reefs in the waters of the Togean Islands National Park is still well maintained and these conditions must be maintained, one of which is by not touching and damaging any part of the coral reef when snorkeling or diving.

Another main attraction of the Togean Islands National Park is the presence of a brackish water lake that is a habitat for stingless jellyfish. Visitors are free to mingle directly with this adorable group of jellyfish without having to worry about being stung.

source : indonesia kaya

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