2398 / 5000 Hasil terjemahan Delicious Tabaro Dange, Traditional Palu Food

Helloindonesia.id – Several regions in Indonesia make sago as one of the staple ingredients used for daily food needs, especially in the eastern part of Indonesia, sago is better known than rice which is very closely related to the staple food of the Indonesian people. Sago that can grow regardless of season, makes this staple material can be processed at any time. Some of the Indonesian people are certainly familiar with Papeda, a specialty of sago which is one of the staple foods for the people of Papua and other regions in eastern Indonesia. If Papua has Papeda, Palu, this city located in Central Sulawesi Province also has traditional foods made from sago as well. Tabaro Dange is the name, this food is made from sago and is used as a snack of choice for the surrounding community.

Tabaro Dange has another name, the people of Palu City also call it by the name Jepa. This snack is very distinctive because the manufacturing process is still relatively traditional, using only a stove and a pot made of clay. By maintaining the characteristics of the manufacturing process and the cooking utensils used, it is believed to be able to maintain the taste quality of Tabaro Dange. Made from a mixture of sago and grated coconut, this snack is also served with additional filling inside. Buyers can choose between fish and brown sugar as the filling. The combination of various flavors created from mixed basic ingredients, makes this one snack create its own taste when it lands on the tongue of the audience. For connoisseurs of processed sago-based ingredients, Tabaro Dange must be added to the list of culinary tours when in Palu City.

Although it was difficult to find, Tabaro Dange is now starting to be sold in several corners in Palu City, such as at Taman Ria and also along Jalan Cumi-cumi. Rows of mothers with stoves and pots began to look crowded on the roadside in the evening. This is a unique and distinctive sight when walking in Palu City. The fun thing is, this Tabaro Dange is made on the spot, so buyers can see firsthand the manufacturing process from the beginning until it is finally ready to eat. This snack is perfect to be used as a friend to relax in the afternoon, or as a complement to casual chat with the closest people in your spare time.

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