Batam Special Fish Soup - Helloindonesia – For those of you who like to eat fish, Batam could be your culinary destination that is quite interesting. Here, there is a popular food called Yongkee Fish Soup.

Batam Special Fish Soup - Helloindonesia
Batam Special Fish Soup – Helloindonesia

This fish soup has been around for 21 years. This Yongkee fish soup place also had a crisis but then managed to rise again. This fish soup is very popular because one of them is a recipe that is a mainstay from parents’ recipe.

Yongkee fish soup is open every day from 7:00 to 21:00. Now Yongkee fish soup has 3 places, in Nagoya, Batam Center and Riau Islands Mall. Prices are sold per portion of Rp. 27,500, – and using mackerel fish.

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