Mpek-mpek Palembang – There is something that is not good when traveling to Palembang. But does not try culinary on this one, the names are Mpek-mpek. This traditional culinary made from a mixture of flour and processed fish is familiar in Palembang. The reason is, this one culinary seller is not only in Palembang but also in other cities in Indonesia.

Mpek-mpek Palembang
Mpek-mpek Palembang

Ingredients for Cooking Mpek-Mpek

Mpek-mpek made from ingredients such as fish meat, flour, chicken eggs. While the spray or what is often called a cuko (vinegar). Is made from vinegar water, sugar, crushed cayenne pepper, shrimp. And don’t forget garlic to add a savory taste to the cuko. Many people believe, mpek-mpek will be more enjoyable to enjoy with the addition of yellow noodles and vermicelli. Do not forget the pieces of cucumber.

Although the Mpek-mpek are made from the same ingredients, namely processed fish and flour. But this culinary has a variety of types, such as the submarine mpek, the limp mpek, and the pastel Mpek-mpek . Judging from its shape, submarine instructors have a bigger shape than other types. Inside the submarine dough, there are pieces of eggs. Whereas the lungs are often called the Ada’an Mpek-mpek. These are perfectly round shaped like meatballs but there is no filling. Whereas the Pistel MPs are those whose texture is shaped like a dough. Therefore, pastel Mpek-mpek is also called skin Mpek-mpek .

Mpek-Mpek cooking process

In general, how to make mpek-mpek is very easy, the initial process that must be done is to mix the fish mill with cold water, then add various seasonings, then stir until smooth. After the fish grind and spices have mixed, then slowly add enough flour so that all the ingredients mix and form an easily formed dough. The process of mixing flour must pay attention to the levels, remembering if the strengths or weaknesses will affect the level of elasticity of the women. After the dough is finished, the next process is the dough forming stage. Usually made round, oval, and added with egg filling.

Mpek-mpek Palembang
Mpek-mpek Palembang

As Palembang’s traditional food, it is not difficult to find places that sell this culinary. Starting from roadside stalls to traders who peddle it by using a lot of bicycles that sell mpek-mpek. According to Samsul, one of the sellers of mpek-mpek who are native Palembang citizens, the emergence of mpek-mpek traders in Palembang began around the 80s. at that time the prestige of the mpek-mpek increasingly uphill as a typical food from Palembang.

History of Mpek-Mpek

The history of the existence of the MPs themselves cannot be separated from the arrival of the Chinese nation to Palembang since the 16th century when Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II led the Palembang Darussalam Sultanate. Based on the word of mouth of the people of Palembang, the naming of mpek-mpek comes from “Ape” which is a term for older men from Chinese circles. It is said that on the banks of the Musi River there lived an Ape who witnessed the abundance of fish from the waters of the Musi River that had not been utilized properly.

Seeing the abundant fish but only processed by frying and boiling, an ape then innovates by making food that combines processed fish with flour. The name Mpek-mpek is said to have originated from the nickname “Ape” when he peddled the mpek that wasfavored by the people of Palembang.

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