Sejarah Tentara Nasional Indonesia

Indonesian National Army (TNI) Day, 5 October – The Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) since its establishment has undergone many organizational developments and refinements to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in carrying out its role.

Starting from the formation of the People’s Security Agency (August 22, 1945) then it developed into the People’s Security Army (October 5, 1945). The People’s Security Army later changed its name to the Army of the Republic of Indonesia (TRI) (January 23, 1946). TNI was officially established on June 3, 1947 as a union of two armed forces.

In 1962, the TNI was combined with the State Police (Polri) to become the Indonesian Armed Forces (ABRI). On April 1, 1999, the TNI and Polri were officially separated again. The term ABRI as a soldier was returned to the TNI.

The TNI is divided into 3 dimensions/forces, namely the Army National Army (TNI-AD), the Air Force National Army (TNI-AU), and the Navy National Army (TNI-AL).

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