Central Sulawesi Museum

Helloindonesia.id – For some people, visiting the museum is not the main choice of destination to fill their spare time. There are still some people in Indonesia who associate museums as unattractive. This assumption clearly must be removed. A visit to a museum does not always have to be identical with a group of school children who come with a paper containing questions that they must answer as part of their study tour visit. Aside from being a means of education, museums are also a place where we as part of the Indonesian people are aware of our national identity. The Central Sulawesi Museum, located in the city of Palu, offers a variety of knowledge that brings visitors closer to Indonesian history and culture, especially the history and culture of Central Sulawesi.

If you are in the city of Palu, stop by for a moment at the Central Sulawesi Museum. The museum, which is located at Jalan Kemiri No. 23, Kamonji Village, West Palu District, has a collection consisting of objects of geology, biology, ethnography, archeology, history, numismatic, philology, fine art ceramics, and modern technology. Only with an entrance ticket of IDR 1,500 for children, IDR 3,000 for adults, and IDR 10,000 for foreign tourists, visitors can enjoy museum collections related to the history and culture of Central Sulawesi province itself, Donggala Weaving Fabrics, traditional clothing Traditionally from all regencies and cities in Central Sulawesi, the replica of the Palindo Statue depicting the ancestors of the Bada people, and Taingaja, which is a bronze buffalo head statue, are part of the collections of the Central Sulawesi Museum which is closely related to the province.

In addition to storing objects related to the history and culture of the province of Central Sulawesi, this museum also has other collections that are an attraction for people who visit this museum. There is a giant ancient Qur’an that is hundreds of years old written by hand and relics from the colonial period such as various kinds of weapons; keris and cannons are other museum collections that visitors can enjoy. The location of this museum is in the middle of the city and in the vicinity there are various kinds of public facilities such as hotels and shopping centers. Don’t forget to visit the museum which also has this library facility when visiting the city of Palu. How useful it is when free time is filled by visiting places that not only can add insight, but also increase love for one’s own nation.

source : indonesiakaya

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