Mount Colo, Isolated Volcano in Tomia Bay – The area of ​​Indonesia which is included in the ring of fire area makes a row of active volcanoes can be found throughout the territory of Indonesia. The province of Central Sulawesi is no exception. The province, which is known for its shelter of several islands that are underwater tourism paradises in Indonesia, such as the Togean Islands and Kadidiri Island, also has volcanoes that are still active today. The volcano is known as Mount Colo, right on Una-una Island, Tojo Unauna Regency, Central Sulawesi Province. Volcanic activity of Mount Colo is characterized by volcanic earthquakes that occur from within the mountain. If the status is not dangerous, visitors can use this mountain as an alternative visit if they are in the Togean Islands National Park area.

Una-una Island which is the residence of Mount Colo was formed due to the volcanic eruption. The mountain in Tomini Bay last erupted on July 23, 1983. At the time of its eruption, Mount Colo, which in Bugis language means lighter, caused a devastating effect where two-thirds of the area of ​​Una-una Island was burned. The eruption left a lake surrounded by green grass that filled the peak area of ​​Mount Colo, as well as several new mountains such as Mount Ambu and Mount Sokora. With a height of 508 meters above sea level, this mountain can be reached in about two to three hours. The path traversed is a path of lava filled with volcanic rocks of various sizes.

After visiting Mount Colo, visitors can enjoy the diversity of marine tourism offered by Una-una Island. The island which is also a producer of copra and cloves for the province of Central Sulawesi is also known for its underwater beauty. The combination of black and white sand on Una-una Island as a result of the eruption of Mount Colo also adds to the charm of this small island. To visit Una-una Island and experience the sensation of adventure from Mount Colo, it can be reached by speedboat from several points such as Gorontalo, Batudaka Island, and Kadidiri Island. The combination of sea and mountain tourism on Una-una Island makes this island a tourist destination that has a complete package in Central Sulawesi.

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