Poso Lake, Unique Sandy Lake with a Beach Flavor

Helloindonesia.id – When talking about lakes in Indonesia, it is almost certain that the name Lake Toba in North Sumatra is one of the most familiar lakes for Indonesian people. In addition to being the largest and widest lake in Indonesia, the folklore of Lake Toba which is quite popular makes the name of this lake stick in the ears of the Indonesian people. But did you know that in the province of Central Sulawesi there is a lake that is no less beautiful than Lake Toba? Yes, Lake Poso, which is located in Tentena City, Poso Regency, Central Sulawesi, has a beauty that is not inferior to other lakes in Indonesia.

Lake Poso is the third largest lake in Indonesia after Lake Toba in North Sumatra and Lake Singkarak in West Sumatra. Lake Poso is located on the main route from Toraja in the south and Gorontalo — Manado in the north. Lake Poso is famous for its golden yellow sand. The water waves in this lake are also similar to ocean waves. If you pay close attention, the color of the water in Lake Poso is quite unique. At the edge of the lake, the water is green and there is a difference with the color of the water in the middle of the lake where the water is blue. Located at an altitude of 657 meters above sea level, the lake with an area of ​​32,000 hectares stretches from north to south and has a depth of 510 meters. Relaxing at dusk on Lake Poso is a mandatory activity when visiting the lake, which is surrounded by hills planted with cloves.

From Palu City, Poso Lake can be reached after traveling a distance of about 283 km with an estimated land travel time of about 8 hours. If departing from Poso City, this lake is 56 km and can be reached in approximately 1.5 hours. The city of Tentena is also the venue for the Lake Poso Festival every year. This festival features cultural performances from Central Sulawesi which aims to attract tourist visits to the region. If you have the opportunity to visit Lake Poso, don’t forget to visit the Watu Ngonggi area or a collection of large stones that emerge from the lake that can make a sound when hit. And don’t forget to taste the grilled sogili fish which is a typical food of Poso City.

source : indonesiakaya.com

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