Enjoying the Freshness of Saluopa Waterfall in Poso . Regency

Enjoying the Freshness of Saluopa Waterfall in Poso Regency

Helloindonesia.id – Poso is one of the districts in Central Sulawesi. Some areas that enter the region are located on the coast which is quite hot. But if you want to have a different experience in Poso Regency, try to visit one of the mainstay attractions of Central Sulawesi Province to feel a little bit of freshness from the oasis in Poso Regency. Saluopa Falls, as this waterfall is called, is located in a village 12 KM west of the town of Tentena. Precisely in Tonusu Village, North Pamona District, Poso Regency. This waterfall in addition to providing freshness from the water and air around the location of the waterfall, but also presents natural scenery that is still beautiful.

Saluopa Waterfall has its own uniqueness. The waterfall which also has the nickname Air Luncur consists of twelve levels, where at each level there is a small pool that holds water from the flow of the waterfall which can also be used by visitors to swim or just soak. Don’t worry when you want to explore all parts of this waterfall, there are stone steps available to make it easier for visitors to enjoy every part of this waterfall. Visiting Saluopa is like a treasure search journey, the location of Saluopa Waterfall in a tropical forest requires visitors to walk into the forest to the location where the waterfall is located. During the trip to the location, visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of a tropical forest with dense trees and also the sounds of nature produced by the animals that live here.

This waterfall is a tourist attraction of choice for people around Poso Regency, it is also a favorite destination for tourists who come to Poso. If you have the opportunity to visit Saluopa Waterfall, don’t forget to always maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding environment of this tourist attraction. It would be nice if the natural beauty of Saluopa Waterfall is always maintained and protected from piles of garbage from tourists.

source : indonesiakaya

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