Wartawan Beach

Wartawan Beach, Unique Beach in South Rajabasa

Helloindonesia.id – The name of this beach is quite unique, reminds us of a profession related to news. It’s called Journalist Beach, a beach in the Way Muli area, South Coast of Rajabasa.

Wartawan Beach
Wartawan Beach

The name of the reporter propped up on the beach is said to be related to the beach manager. Who was previously managed by a local citizen who was a journalist. The beach is located in a narrow area between the Mount Rajabasa Ring Road. Mountain slopes, and the sea presents a very beautiful stretch of beach. Complete with blue water and panoramic views of the surrounding islands.

The uniqueness on the beach of reporters

Besides having a unique name, this beach also has unique characteristics which are located in hot springs that are mixed with sea water. This hot spring located on the beach has a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius which is unique because it does not have a salty taste even though it is mixed with sea water.

Hot springs on the beach are believed to be able to treat various diseases, such as rheumatism and skin diseases. For visitors who want to enjoy this hot spring, it is expected to keep their distance from this hot spring, because it is very dangerous if they slip into it.

In addition to enjoying the hot water, on this beach visitors are also presented with a view of the blue sea water and trees around the beach. If the sky is clear, visitors can also enjoy the view of Anak Krakatau Mountain in the middle of the sea.

Location of Warta Beach

Heading for the Journalist Beach is not difficult. From Bakauheni Harbor, this beach is about 31 kilometers or around 18 kilometers from the center of Kalianda City. You can use private vehicles or public transportation.

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