Woven Fabrics, Typical Maluku Culture

Woven Fabrics, Typical Maluku Culture

Indonesia is one of the largest weaving countries in the world, in particular is the diversity of decorations. The previous weavers were heavily influenced by elements of foreign culture due to trade with neighboring countries. This condition gives the diversity of weaving types in our country.

Getting to Know Maluku Woven Fabrics

This has become a hereditary activity carried out by the people of Maluku. This weaving activity has become a tradition among the Maluku people in general. Not only becomes a tradition, but also has its own meaning.

It is said that every woven cloth from Maluku has a philosophical meaning. No wonder, if this piece of cloth is sold at an expensive price. Moluccan woven cloth is usually intended as a dowry to be given to the prospective bride. That’s why this cloth is sold so expensive, not because of the process, but basically this cloth is not intended to be traded.

Traditional Process

In addition, we can know that the workmanship of this woven fabric is very traditional. Because it is in order to maintain the authenticity of the woven fabric itself. The tools he uses, ranging from traditional spinnerets, cotton threads, as well as dyes on fabrics also come from wood and leaves.

This weaving activity is very thick among the Moluccas. Therefore, the people of Maluku always maintain the sustainability of this woven fabric.