Kelakai Chips 1 – Since long time ago, the ancestors of the Indonesian people lived in harmony with nature, the forest was one of their sources of livelihood. Various flora that grow in the forest can be used to meet human needs. Kelakai plants for example, a type of algae that grows in swamp forests, has many properties that have long been used by the Dayak people.

Kelakai Chips 1
Kelakai Chips 1

Kelakai, which has the Latin name stenochlaena palustris, is known to have various properties, such as being able to relieve diarrhea, increase blood pressure, and even many Dayak people believe that consuming kelakai can make the body stay young.

Now, kelakai plants are often found in traditional markets in Kapuas Regency, Central Kalimantan. One bunch of kelakai is sold for Rp. 1000 – Rp. 2000, if you don’t want to buy, kelakai can also be found in swampy areas that are widely available in Central Kalimantan. However, carefulness is needed in looking for kelakai, because this plant grows among other plants.

The Kapuas people know several ways to process kelakai into delicious culinary delights, one of which is kelakai chips. Kelakai chips make use of young kelakai leaves. The way to make it is very easy, the cleaned young kelakai leaves are put into the spice flour mixture with a certain thickness, then fried over full and hot oil. After being fried and dry, the kelakai chips are ready to eat, the crunchy and savory combination of the kelakai chips tastes delicious in the mouth.

Kelakai chips are a typical Dayak snack, these chips are often found and are one of the souvenirs from Kapuas district. Priced at IDR 10,000 – IDR 20,000, kelakai chips can be a fun companion while relaxing with your beloved family and friends.

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