kemplang – Bangka Belitung Islands is a province with two main islands, namely Bangka Island and Belitung Island. This province has beautiful beaches with granite scattered as its trademark. Not only that, the culinary is also very delicious. One of them is kemplang crackers. Smelling fish, kemplang becomes a souvenir for Bangka Island.


The basic ingredients of making kemplang

Using mackerel and tapioca flour as the basic ingredients of making, kemplang can also be enjoyed in a variety of flavors, such as shrimp or squid. The marine wealth owned by Bangka Island also has an impact on the taste of kemplang.

Kemplang has a round shape with a savory and crispy taste when bitten. When enjoying it, the usual kemplang combined with the special Bangka chili paste makes the flavor of the kemplang more diverse.

Sambal which has a spicy-sweet taste as a complement makes this snack so delicious when enjoyed. Not only among the people of Bangka Island, kemplang has also spread to various regions. Therefore, kemplang became the main souvenir when visiting Bangka Island.

Many souvenir shops on Bangka Island sell kemplang. Moreover, when visiting the city center of Pangkal Pinang. Here, kemplang is very easy to find. Kemplang-kemplang is sold in various variants, such as raw kemplang and bakplang kemplang.

Baked kemplang is the main prey for cracker lovers. The taste is delicious and sold in ready to eat conditions make this type of kemplang become an idol. As a tip, look for kemplang that comes from the Belinyu area. Kemplang from this region is believed to have the most delicious taste.

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