Ketipung, the Musical Accompaniment of Malay Music – This one musical instrument is usually used to accompany Malay music. This small drum which has two sides has become one of the traditional musical instruments in Indonesia. This is the ketipung, a small drum that is part of the gamelan instrument.

Ketipung has a small size and elongated round shape with a larger center. This musical instrument, which is usually used to accompany Middle Eastern music, is sometimes decorated with various Indonesian ethnic motifs.

Both sides of the ketipung tetabuhan are made of goat skin or it could be cowhide that has been thinned. When beaten, it usually produces a unanimous sound. In addition to Malay music, ketipung is also one of the musical instruments that accompanies keroncong and even dangdut music.

In addition to Java, ketipung is also commonly found in Kalimantan, especially East Kalimantan. Ketipung in East Kalimantan, has a slight difference with the ketipung from Java. Ketipung from this area only one of the trumpets is used for beating while the other one is left open. This Ketipung from East Kalimantan is made of cylindrical rengas wood and the top of the drum is covered with goat skin.

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