Sweet and Soft Dodol Kandangan

Helloindonesia.id – If you visit the city of Banjarmasin, try to take the time to taste the best dodol in this city of a thousand rivers. Dodol Kandangan its name, this typical Banjarmasin dodol is so tempting to be a friend when relaxing with loved ones.

Dodol Kandangan is one of the many culinary treasures originating from the Kandangan area, South Kalimantan. In contrast to dodol in general, dodol Kandangan feels more legit and has a softer texture.

To get the original Kandangan dodol, tourists can visit the place of making Kandangan dodol owned by Noor Jannah in Hulu Sungai Selatan district, South Kalimantan.

Noor Jannah is the first generation of dodol businessmen in Kandangan whose name is still attached to the hearts of the people even though he died several years ago.

source : indonesiakaya.com

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