Kuluk Beselang Mertuo

Helloindonesia.id – Mothers in Jambi, especially in several districts such as Bungo, Kerinci, Tebo and Sarko districts have one head covering used during traditional ceremonies. This headgear is named Kuluk Beselang Mertuo. Usage of the kuluk is usually complemented by a songket kebaya shirt, songket cover, a sunflower Bungo tread necklace, gelil twisted and gray bungo matohari.

Kuluk Beselang Mertuo
Kuluk Beselang Mertuo

The use of this sunflower Bungo tread necklace means that women have been bound and whatever is done must not deviate from the rules and teachings of Islam in fostering family and relationships in society.

The original Bungo Kudo necklace was made of gold and made with filigry and granulating techniques. Tread Kudo motif surrounded by jewels and combined with jasmine flower decoration.

Meanwhile, the red songket shawl symbolizes courage in speaking. This scarf is made of red or black cotton yarn.

The headgear of Kuluk Beselang Mertuo along with its clothing accessories reflects a broad democracy but remains in the shutter of traditional cultural noble values.

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