Lakse, Spaghetti Inspired by Belitung's Typical Culinary

Lakse Belitung – The name is lakse, is a Belitung’s distinctive culinary is an adaptation of spaghetti made by people in the tin-producing country. The first glance to see its shape, lakse is very similar to Putu Mayang.

Lakse Belitung
Lakse Belitung

Initially, lakse is a typical food of Belitung Malay people who love to make food with coconut milk. The shape of this food is not yet like now. The shape of the lakse used to be like noodles.

The next step is, Lakse was also developed by the Chinese people who lived in Belitung. To have their present form without reducing their original characteristics, seasoning, and taste.

Lakse is made from rice flour, coconut milk and sago. And Just like negotiating. The Lakse is also enjoyed with a sauce made from mackerel fish.

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