Gangan Soup – If you have been enjoying fish by burning or frying, this culinary is worthy of you to try. The name is Gangan. This culinary from Belitung Island serves mackerel fish cooked in the form of soup with a fresh taste.

Gangan Soup
Gangan Soup

Gangan has a dominant yellow color and a slightly acidic and savory taste. Fresh mackerel fish caught by fishermen and cooked with a mixture of spices. As turmeric, onion, galangal, and chili. And, the soup is rich in Indonesian special spices. And the last, pineapple slices make the gangan taste fresh.

If you don’t like the fishy smell, don’t worry. Freshness of fish as the main ingredient of gangan does not make fish give off a fishy odor.

The Secret of Delicious Cangan Soup

Sometimes this soup this chilli. Gangan soup is cooked using genuine Belitung cayenne pepper. Which has a fresh and very strong aroma.

The culinary pride of Belitung residents is starting to be famous outside of Belitung. Many tourists visiting Belitung are curious about the taste of the soup

Other variations of sub-branch

Gangan Soup
Gangan Soup

Sometime this soup being made from fish. Belitung people also used to make gangan with beef as a raw material. Local residents used to call this gangan as land gangan.

Intrigued by the freshness of gangan taste? If you are traveling to Belitung, don’t forget to stop by the food stalls that are there and order the typical menu of the Laskar Pelangi island.

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