The Luxurious Experience in Namalatu Beach

The Luxurious Experience in t\Namalatu Beach

“The palm trees swaying in the wind look as if they are dancing in unison. From a distance it looks like the open sea welcomes you with its natural blue coolness. The sun feels friendly this afternoon letting the white clouds cover the heat. The clouds are so beautiful combined with the beautiful blue sky. The sound of laughter children playing can be heard shouting as a sign that today will be a cheerful day. Rocks and a small stretch of white sand also take part in the joy that has been formed and orchestrate the feeling of happiness in the heart.”

  • The Luxurious Experience in Namalatu Beach
  • The Luxurious Experience in Namalatu Beach
  • The Luxurious Experience in Namalatu Beach

This description is what you will feel when you enter Namalatu Beach. This beach that is not too big does have its own charm for anyone who visits it. The location of this tourist attraction is Latulahat village, precisely in Nusaniwe District, Ambon. Namalatu Beach is located 15 kilometers from Ambon City Center and it takes approximately 30 minutes by motorized vehicle to reach it.

Namalatu Beach is indeed not a popular beach like Netsepa or Liang Beach, but this beach, which is mostly rocky, is often a destination for tourists who want to find photography objects, objects to relax, or even snorkeling objects with undisturbed underwater views. The corals on Namalatu Beach are still well preserved and very beautiful to capture in photos or enjoy directly by snorkeling. You will find the beauty of Ambon beach from a different point of view when you are at this beach.

Even though it is not a popular tourist destination for beaches on Ambon Island, Namalatu is well managed by local residents. Rows of food stalls and young coconuts, gazebos for resting, even parking lots for the vehicles you use are also available on Namalatu Beach. In general, this tourist attraction is adequate and very worth visiting. For those of you who might want to spend a lot of time and even stay in this area, you don’t need to worry, around the beach there are many guest houses and home stays managed by local residents at very affordable prices.

Namalatu Beach is a beach that deserves to be an alternative destination besides popular beaches such as Natsepa or Liang. All the infrastructure and readiness of this tourist attraction has been fulfilled. The community also seems ready to manage the economy from selling food or souvenirs related to Namalatu. Transportation to this beach is also widely available, it’s just not until night. Around 17.00 usually the transport is quiet and towards evening it is no longer operating.

Enjoying the sunset will indeed be an interesting activity on Namalatu Beach. What’s more, when you relax in the afternoon there will be women selling fried banana snacks by walking around. It’s even more delicious when a young coconut accompanies the cheerful orange sunset. Namalatu Beach is like a luxury experience in a simple package that should be grateful for the beauty of your life. Welcome to Namalatu Beach.

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