Ngalau Indah

Ngalau Indah, Boisterous Natural Sounds at the Peak of Payakumbuh – Payakumbuh is like Bandung in West Java. This area is surrounded by highlands and mountains that rise in various directions. At least, there are three big mountains whose peak we can see from this city, namely, Mount Sago, Mount Marapi and Mount Singgalang. In addition to these mountains, there are several hilltops in the City of Payakumbuh which decorate the landscape.

Ngalau Indah
Ngalau Indah

The beauty of the city panorama from the hilltops in the city is an attraction for the tourism sector. Therefore, some of them were developed as superior natural tourism assets in the third largest city in West Sumatra Province.

One of them is Ngalau Indah Peak. This natural attraction combines the beauty of the city panorama with a pleasant natural tourism atmosphere.

Ngalau Indah is located about 4 km from the center of Payakumbuh City or 31 km from Bukittinggi. This object is a natural cave with several cave mouths as access in and out. In this big cave we can see the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites that are still well preserved.

This cave is inhabited by bats that make it always filled with boisterous sounds all the time. In addition to bats, there are swallows that nest between the crevices of the ceiling that towered with a height of about 10 meters.

In the cave with a height of 640 meters above sea level there are also a number of parts of the cave that have a unique and very distinctive shape. One of them is rock gong. Gong stone is a hollow stone with a shape like a hollow cone or like a bell.

It is located right on the left side of the cave entrance. Its unique shape makes this stone produce a pretty loud sound reflection. There are also two stones which lie side by side vertically with shapes resembling elephants and mushrooms. In addition, there is also a form of mosquito nets, umbrellas, and humans.

The trek trekking along the path from the cave entrance to the cave exit is about 80 meters. The path is not horizontal but in the form of a descending and ascending path with many steps.

There is another exit to the track towards Marajo Peak with a distance of approximately 1 km. In addition to exploring the cave, visitors can also enjoy the panoramic view of the City of Payakumbuh in full in the middle of the park with shady trees and gentle breeze.

Access to the entrance gate of this region via Jalan Soekarno-Hatta. From the entrance gate to the parking area we will go uphill, which is approximately 800 meters. This path is surrounded by an area of ​​forest tourism covering an area of ​​approximately 10 hectares which makes it cool and shady.

On weekends, the route to Ngalau Indah is a favorite place for Payakumbuh residents to exercise or just go for a walk with family. Every week this area is also a place for ‘car free day’. The community came in groups to walk along the path to the peak.

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