Promise Commander Tumbang Anoi in Unifying Dayak Tribes

Pangkalima Dance – Commander Tumbang Anoi for the Dayak community is an exemplary figure who has a spirit of struggle to unite the Dayak tribes who have been fighting for a long time. Around 1894, the Dayak tribes who settled in the Kalimantan region were divided and attacked each other. These events make people suffer losses and suffer. To end the conflict, the traditional elders from the representatives of the Dayak tribes united and made a pledge of peace known as the Tumbang Anoi Agreement.

The event of the Anoi Tumbang Agreement then inspired the birth of a creative dance called the pangkalima tumbang anoi dance. “Ela buli manggetu hinting long bunu, isen mulang manara kamara ambu chain”. In short, the dance creation of Pangkalima Tumbang Anoi wants to convey the message of peace and unity so that people continue to advance and prosper in the auspices of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Pangkalima Dance
Pangkalima Dance

As a creative dance, the movement of Pangkalima Tumbang Anoi can not be separated from the influence of some traditional Kalimantan dance movements, such as kanjan dance and kinyah dance. The movements of the two dances are combined with jumping and spinning movements which are adjusted so that they do not deviate from the message to be conveyed.

Although the name of Pangkalima dance is toppled with Anoi, it does not mean that this dance of creation is only performed by men. In the creation of this dance creation, dancer women also contribute to dancing like a warrior warrior.

Pangkalima Dance Performance

Pangkalima tumbang anoi dance is performed by 6-10 dancers, both male and female. The clothes worn by dancers are Central Kalimantan traditional clothes that have been modified in several parts. The dancer men’s clothing is called ewah sampuluh dale, while for women wearing sinjang entangle clothes equipped with various accessories such as bracelets and earrings.

Pangkalima Dance
Pangkalima Dance

Meanwhile, the properties used by dancers include mandau, talawang, and crown of tingang birds combined with haruei feathers. In Dayak culture, tingang birds are considered as sacred and sacred birds. The various staging properties are then combined with dancers’ special makeup. Cultivation of dancers’ makeup is made to emphasize facial lines so that they are in line with the nature of Commander Tumbang Anoi, as well as of course to get the aesthetic goals to be achieved.

Besides being rich in aesthetic values, Pangkalima Tumbang Anoi dance is also full of moral values. In general, this creative dance contains a message of peace and unity which is illustrated through the resilience of Dayak soldiers. Associated with the present context, Indonesia also needs the soul of a brave commander, authoritative, and has a high fighting spirit to unite the archipelago under the auspices of the welfare of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

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