Sala Rice

Helloindonesia.idCulinary from the City of Pariaman can not be separated from its marine products. Its position as a coastal area, making this area is blessed with abundant marine products, be it fish, shrimp, crabs, and shellfish. Not surprisingly, local breakfast dishes are also made from seafood. One of them is sala rice.

Sala Rice
Sala Rice

Sala rice is starchy fish dish served with rice and sambal. The word ‘sala’ in the local language can be interpreted as fried, just like other typical culinary from Pariaman, sau lauak. A special feature of fried food called ‘sala’ is a mixture of flour dough that covers it. This layer of dough creates a crunchy texture that is appetizing for the fish.

The basic ingredient of this type of sala is a type of bloated or bloated fish which in the local language is called gembulo. Fish that have been cleaned and then put into the dough upholstery. This mixture consists of rice flour with seasonings in the form of garlic, galangal, ground chili and turmeric leaves. Fish that has been covered with flour is then fried in hot oil until golden brown.

Fried fish or sala is usually served as a breakfast menu accompanied by sek rice, which is white rice with a fist wrapped in a banana leaf. This sek rice is similar to cat rice commonly found in Yogyakarta. The difference is, the sek rice is wrapped without stuffing any side dishes. To add to the enjoyment of sala rice, samba lado tanak or red chili sauce made from mashed red chili is also served.

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