Sala Lauak – As an area located in a coastal area, Pariaman has a culinary wealth that cannot be separated from its marine products. One of them is a kind of fried food called sala lauak. This dish is quite easy to find in the Pariaman area, especially around the coast.

Literally, the word sala can be interpreted as ‘fried’, meaning that the term is used for various types of food that are processed by frying. For this reason, in addition to this type of sau lauak, there are other dishes that are also called sala, such as sala rice, shrimp sala, and crab sala. Whereas lauak simply means fish.

Even though it literally means ‘fried fish’, sala lauak is not at all like what we imagine. Sala lauak is a lump-shaped dish the size of a thumb made from mashed fish meat mixture and mixed with flour.

Sala Lauak
Sala Lauak

The dough is then shaped into lumps and fried until golden brown. These crispy-textured lumps have a predominantly salty and savory flavor with the aroma of spices derived from several types of seasonings added therein.

The most common Sala lauak is a round shape the size of a ping pong ball or a hard sala. This round sala is made from salted fish which is mashed and mixed with rice flour dough seasoned with garlic. Sala of this type has a slightly hard outer texture and a softer inside. Because of its hard texture on the outside, this type of sala is called a hard sala.

In addition to round sau lauak, there are other types of variants that are more flat and tend to be irregular. This specific variant can be found in the Pasir (Pasiah) region, on the coast of Pariaman Beach.

Unlike the round shape, this type of sala is made from a type of wet fish called stuhuak fish which is ground to a smooth finish. This type of sala has a softer surface texture than the round sala, so it is also called a soft sala.

Sala lauak is generally served as a complementary dish at breakfast. The main dishes that are usually served with sala lauak include ketupat curry. Its unique taste makes this culinary become a typical breakfast menu in Pariaman City.

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