Sape, a musical instrument that accompanies the Dayak community dances

Sape Dayak – At first glance, this instrument is similar to a guitar. How to play it is equally picked. This is the sape, a traditional East Kalimantan musical instrument that is widely used to accompany celebration events for the Dayak people.

Sape Dayak
Sape Dayak

Sape is usually played to accompany various typical Dayak dances at art festivities which are full of joy. Not only that. It is said that this musical instrument is also used to accompany the process of treating someone who is stricken with a disease.

This musical instrument made of adau wood and our wood has strings between four to six. In addition, there is also a two-stringed sape. This type of sape is called sape karaang. Sape karaang is usually used to accompany dances that have a stomping motion.

The tone produced from this musical instrument which is scattered in the Samarinda, Malinau and West Kutai regions can be divided into two, namely tubunsitun and sakpakok. Tubunsitun notes usually have a slow tempo and produce a distinctive tone. Meanwhile, sakpakok has a faster and more dynamic tone. [Tawheed / Rich Indonesia]