Sawai, the oldest village in Maluku, has many charms. The natural beauty, unique culture, and happy residents

Sawai, a village located in Seram Utara District, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku Province, Indonesia, is home to many charms. It is said that this village is the oldest village in Maluku.

The road to Sawai is quite challenging. After a 5-hour land journey from Ambon City, tourists must pass through a winding road that cuts through the Manusela National Park forest.

When they arrive in Sawai, tourists will be greeted with beautiful scenery. The village is located on the beach with clear sea water and soft white sand. In addition, the village is also surrounded by green hills.

The majority of Sawai residents are fishermen. They catch fish by fishing and using the Kalawai tradition, which is catching fish with a special spear at night. In addition to fishermen, there are also Sawai residents who garden and raise livestock.

One of the attractions of Sawai is its freshwater source located in the middle of the village. This source of water is a source of life for the villagers and has existed since time immemorial.

Sawai also has a unique culture. This culture is a blend of Arab culture and local culture. This can be seen from the architecture of buildings, music, and clothing worn by villagers.

Even though the village is old, the residents seem happy and enjoy their lives. This is evident from their always smiling and cheerful faces.

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