Surga Bawah Laut Taman Olele, Gorontalo

Underwater Paradise Taman Olele, Gorontalo

Gorontalo is a province that presents a lot of potential for natural charm, especially marine tourism. The Gorontalo government makes its territory as the main gateway to other tourism. One of them is a beach on the south coast in Tomia Bay. This area is very superior with the wealth of marine life found under the waters around the coast. Because of the superiority of underwater tourism, it has been nicknamed “The Porch of Medina”.

  • Surga Bawah Laut Taman Olele, Gorontalo
  • Surga Bawah Laut Taman Olele, Gorontalo
  • Surga Bawah Laut Taman Olele, Gorontalo
  • Surga Bawah Laut Taman Olele, Gorontalo

Olele . Marine Park Location

This tour is named the Olele Marine Park because of its amazing underwater natural beauty. This white sandy Olele Beach is located in Olele Village, Kabila Bone District, Bone Balango Regency. The distance is about 20 km from downtown Gorontalo. You just need about 30 to 45 minutes of travel.

Olele Beach

Olele Marine Park is one of the underwater panoramas that is presented so beautifully. This beach has white sand and is close to local residents’ settlements, which makes the beach look like an ordinary beach. Maybe at a glance, this beach is not as beautiful as other beaches. Moreover, there are rows of boats on the shoreline. Even so, the beauty and cleanliness of the coastal waters is maintained.

Endangered Species in Olele . Marine Park

This does not prevent local and foreign tourists from enjoying the beauty of the underwater world. What is special there is the presence of endemic coral reef species. The only rare species that can only be found in the waters of the olele marine park, second to none. Even its existence is sought after by foreign divers.

Salvador Deli or Petrosia Lignosa is one of the most famous types. Included in the category of coral sponge species. The name is taken from a painter from Spain.

Snorkeling and Diving Activities

In addition, for snorkeling lovers. The Olele marine park tourist destination is one of the most suitable and fun spots to do here. No need to worry about snorkeling and diving equipment, because there are various equipment available for rent here.

After dipping into the sea, you can see the beautiful colorful corals and adorable fish around the reef. Not only that, the waters here are very calm, so it is safe for anyone who wants to snorkel and dive.

For those who can’t snorkel, don’t worry, here you can enjoy it using a glass bottom boat. A specially designed boat, has a glass in the bottom of the boat. So that we can see the beauty of the underwater world from the boat and don’t have to throw ourselves into the sea.

Spot Diving

Here there are several diving spots with their respective beauty in the Olele marine park. Among them are Jinn Cave, Traffic Jam, Muce Dive and Honeycomb. However, the favorite of divers is Jinn Cave.

For divers who love small animals and macro photography, this is the place to be. Sustainable and rich in marine life along these waters. You can explore various diving spots in the beauty of the Olele Marine Park like an underwater paradise that is so amazing. ZA

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