Chinatown Exotica in Kampong Kapitan
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Chinatown Exotica in Kampong Kapitan – The collapse of the Kingdom of Srivijaya in the XI century. Became the beginning of the arrival of the Chinese (Ming Dynasty). To the archipelago in the XIV century. At that time the Chinese government formed a trading institution, one of which was based in Palembang. So many Chinese traders then settled and […]

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the Tengkurep crater
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Tekurep Crater, Resting Place of the Kings of Palembang – Palembang as the shelter of the Srivijaya kingdom certainly holds many cultural and historical relics. Such as the Tekurep Crater, a tomb designated specifically for the king, courtiers and his descendants. Etymologically Tekurep Crater is derived from the word Crater which means a tool that resembles a container for cooking rice. And Tekureb […]

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Palembang Songket fabric
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The famous Palembang Songket fabric – No one can release songket cloth from the archipelago culture. Because the fabric that has a variety of beautiful motifs has long existed. Developed to spread to almost all parts of Indonesia. In fact, the popularity of songket is not only in Indonesia. Other countries such as Malaysia and Thailand also recognize songket […]

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tradition ngobeng in palembang indonesia
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Ngobeng tradition in palembang Indonesia

Ngobeng is a tradition of eating together ancestral cultural heritage. That tradition, now starting to be rare because people prefer to entertain guests with a buffet. In fact, “ngobeng” is very meaningful, namely to respect guests and strengthen friendship. When entering the house, guests are immediately prepared with water to wash their hands and then […]

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