the Tengkurep crater

Helloindonesia.idPalembang as the shelter of the Srivijaya kingdom certainly holds many cultural and historical relics. Such as the Tekurep Crater, a tomb designated specifically for the king, courtiers and his descendants. Etymologically Tekurep Crater is derived from the word Crater which means a tool that resembles a container for cooking rice. And Tekureb has an equivalent reverse meaning. So literally Tekurep Crater can be interpreted as an inverted container used as a tomb. That’s meeting place for saints and saints.

the Tengkurep crater
the Tengkurep crater

History of the Tengkurep Crater

The tomb of Tekurep Crater was built in 1728 using three elements, namely sand lime, egg white, and stone. This tomb was built in conjunction with the construction of the Great Mosque of Palembang. At the tomb located in Ilir Timur II sub-district, Palembang, there is the tomb of Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin and his four wives, namely Ratu Sepuh from Demak, Ratu Gading from Malaysia, queen Mas Ayu from China, and Nyai Mas Naimah from Palembang. In addition, in another part there is also Imam Sayid Al Idrus who was a professor for Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin.

In general, the grave of Tekurep Crater has an area of ​​1 hectare, which consists of 6 tomb buildings that are intended for the sultan and his people. Whereas the small tomb in the front of the main building of the tomb of Tekureb Crater is a tomb intended for children of descendants, courtiers, and the commanders.

Every day the tomb of Tekurep Crater is visited by pilgrims who even come from outside Palembang. Ichsan, the caretaker of the tekurep crater tomb said, “visitors who come not to ask the grave, it is shirk. They come to pray for the sultans, insha allah, the sultans will also pray for us. What importance do we pray for the sultans? these are religious fighters and fighters who fight for their religion and country, we should pray for them. “

Activities in the Tengkurep crater

Ichsan also added, every year in the month of Syaban in the Islamic calendar, the city of Palembang held a big haul activity called the Pilgrimage Pilgrimage. The activity was attended by scholars from all over Indonesia, as well as from abroad. They gathered to pray for the religious leaders and state warriors who had died and were buried in the grave of Tekurep Crater.

As a caretaker who has worked for decades, Ichsan expects the government to pay full attention to the preservation of the Tekurep Crater tomb as a site for the people of Palembang. More attention not only from the government, the people of Palembang also contributed in preserving and preserving the tomb. Remembering religious warriors and nationalist fighters by never forgetting the history of their own people.

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