Helloindonesia.id – Kolak has been synonymous with fasting month. But in Medan, there is a compote that becomes a culinary specialty with a taste that is so appetizing. The name durian compote ice, durian fruit mixture with white sticky rice, bananas and palm sugar splash make this compote taste sweet and fresh.

Kolian Medan
Kolian Medan

The sweetness of palm sugar combined with the fragrance of durian makes durian compote so appetizing. The mixture of other ingredients such as white sticky rice also makes this compote taste so complete.

Durian compote is made from steamed white sticky rice, kepok banana compote, boiled sweet corn, palm sugar, coconut milk and of course durian flesh. The addition of ice cubes into compote makes this compote feel fresh when it is in our mouths.

If you are in Medan, don’t miss to taste this special dish. Durian compote ice sellers are often found on the edges of the city of Medan, one of which is around the campus of the University of North Sumatra (USU), Jalan Doctorate Mansyur, Medan. The price of durian compote ice is also relatively affordable, by spending Rp8,000 – Rp10,000 we can enjoy the freshness of durian compote ice.

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