Burung Mandi Beach

Helloindonesia.id – This beach has been known by Europeans since the 17th century. In fact, from this beach, the Netherlands and European companies conducted tin mining in secret around 1770-1780 – before finally claiming to find tin on Belitung Island on June 28, 1851. This is Burung Mandi Beach. The beach which is a requirement for historical value is located in Manggar, Belitung.

Burung Mandi Beach
Burung Mandi Beach

The history of the Burung Mandi beach

The Dutch people used to know Burung Mandi Beach as Borom Mandi or Burum Mandi. Previously, this area was a tin-producing region. In fact, the Dutch brought in Chinese as their workers. The existence of these workers from China can be seen from the presence of Budhayana Dewi Kwan Im Temple which is located not far from this beach. Meanwhile, the Dutch heritage building is a dam or dam.

Burung Mandi Beach has calm waves and clear sea water. The long coastline combined with soft white sand makes visitors can walk comfortably along the beach located in the Bird Bath Village.

From this beach, visitors can see Tang Island which is right on the right side of Burung Mandi Beach. Uniquely, when the sea water is receding, visitors can walk to an island that was once by the Dutch called Hendrik Island.

Visitors also can see fishing boats with bright colors that lean around the beach. These boats are used by fishermen sailing out to sea at dawn and returning late at night with fish catches from fishermen who live around the coast.

In August, precisely before the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, the Mandi Mandi Beach held a sailboat competition. The boats on this beach will be decorated as good as possible by the fishermen to compete in winning the quite prestigious competition in the East Belitung region.

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