Biduk Biduk Beach

Helloindonesia.idKalimantan is rich in tropical forests, but the coast on the island, which is passed by the equator, cannot be denied its beauty. There is a village on the east coast of Kalimantan, Berau district, called the Biduk-Biduk. The distance of Biduk-Biduk Village to the subdistrict capital is about 3 km or can be reached for 10 minutes overland trip by car or motorbike, while the distance to the district capital is about 280 km or can be reached for 7 hours overland trip by car or motorcycle. Village typology is a type of coastal or coastal or island village.

Biduk Biduk Beach
Biduk Biduk Beach

Traveling to Biduk-Biduk is the fastest by airplane from Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Airport (formerly known as Sepinggan Airport) in Balikpapan to Kalimarau Airport in Tanjung Redeb (the capital of Berau Regency). Even though it is very far away, the village of Biduk-Biduk has an amazing view. There are several beaches that offer beautiful panoramas, one of which is the Biduk-Biduk beach.

Biduk-Biduk Beach is a beach with white sand and clear blue sea water. The atmosphere is still very beautiful and people rarely visit here. If you are lucky, when you visit this beach, it will feel like a private beach. Even though it is quiet, you can still find several stalls selling food, so visitors will be safe from hunger. There is one unique fact about the residents of the Biduk-Biduk. With a village located on the coast, the residents of Biduk-Biduk are actually 70 percent of them living as farmers.

The white sand of the Biduk-Biduk comes from coral reefs, when walking along the coast, you should use footwear in the form of sandals so that you are free to move but your feet are still protected. From the beach of Biduk-Biduk, visitors can directly enjoy the view of the Sulawesi sea and the soothing breeze. The rows of coconut trees along the coast also make every visitor feel at home, it feels like they want to linger just to relax.

To be able to stay here, it is quite easy to find lodging. One of the roads that has many inns is the star fruit road. Prices vary, starting from only 80 thousand rupiah. The weather at the Biduk-Biduk beach is not too extreme. During the day, visitors will not feel too hot, even at night they will not feel too cold.

Apart from enjoying the beautiful and relaxing natural scenery, some things that can be done at the Biduk-Biduk beach are riding a boat, playing water and camping on the beach. In the Biduk-Biduk itself, the electricity is still on only at night, so it’s a good idea to charge the gadget battery starting at 18.00 at night to 06.00 in the morning. The beautiful atmosphere of Biduk-Biduk beach can be used as a photo hunting place for photography lovers. If you want to make it a lasting moment, such as pre-wedding or post-wedding, it is very possible without having to secure locations like other tourist locations that are already crowded with visitors.

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