beautiful crafts – Kalimantan’s tropical rain forests store a variety of flora that has long been used by the Dayak people. Utilization of these forest resources is accompanied by their awareness to continue to maintain and preserve forest resources. Nyatu tree for example. This tree has long been the raw material for making handicrafts that are economically valuable.

beautiful crafts
beautiful crafts

Nyatu sap is a craft that utilizes nyatu tree sap as the main ingredient.

This type of handicraft is often found in Kapuas Regency, Central Kalimantan.The choice of the Nyatu tree as the main material for making handicrafts is not without cause. One Dayak tribe in Kapuas explained, in addition to the fact that this tree is often found, the Nyatu tree also has the ability to reproduce in a very short time.

In only 6 months, the Nyatu tree is about 8 meters high. With that height, the nyatu tree is considered to be pruned and the sap is taken. But, that does not mean that all nyatu trees that are already 6 months old can be pruned immediately. Nyatu tree harvesting is done in accordance with the time determined by the traditional elders. This is done for the sake of preserving tradition in order to always preserve the environment.

Until it becomes a craft that has economic value, the gum must be processed through several stages which are quite complicated. Initially, harvested tree trunks are separated from the bark. The stem is then boiled. To get a good sap, the boiling process of the nyatu tree is carried out three times.

The first boiling is done by mixing a little kerosene. This is done to separate the trunk of the tree with the sap. The second boil is enough to use water. The second boiling is to separate the sap together with kerosene. After the nyatu tree sap has been collected, the last boiling is done to add color to the sap. The process of staining the sap of nyatu uses natural ingredients, such as various leaves which have specific color characteristics.

After being colored, the sap enters the next process: formation. The process of formation is carried out when the gum is still hot. The sap at normal temperatures will become dry and cannot be formed as desired.

The nyatu handicraft is dominated by dragon boat or tingang bird boat. Tingang bird boat is a boat that describes the atmosphere of war. In addition, there are also boats that are used in traditional tiwah ceremonies – ceremonies that deliver the bones of people who have died. In addition to boats, the nyatu sap was also formed into a replica of Dayak soldiers complete with loincloths, mandau and talawang.

What makes the handicraft of nyatu attractive is not only the bright colors. Nyatu sap also has a high level of detail. In addition, the shape is unique so it is suitable to be used as a display or a complement to room decoration.

The price of nyatu handicraft is relatively affordable. Various resin-based handicrafts are sold at a price range of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of rupiah. The price depends on the shape and size.

The sap of nyatu is one of the diverse cultural treasures of the archipelago, which was born from the local wisdom of the local culture to keep preserving and living in harmony with nature. Indeed, there is something lacking when visiting Kapuas, Central Kalimantan, if you don’t bring souvenirs on this one unique craft.

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