Tumbak Village Marine Tourism, North Sulawesi

Wisata Bahari Desa Tumbak, Sulawesi Utara

Helloindonesia.id – Indonesia is the biggest archipelago country in the world. It has more than 70,000 inhabited islands. Like Kalimantan, Java, Sumatra, Papua and Sulawesi are the main islands in Indonesia. In addition, there are several small islands such as Bali, Lombok, Gili and Karimunjawa. The beauty of the island of Indonesia is a local and international tourist attraction. In addition to the beautiful island, the tropical climate is one of the main destinations for foreign tourists.

  • Wisata Bahari Desa Tumbak, Sulawesi Utara
  • Wisata Bahari Desa Tumbak, Sulawesi Utara
  • Wisata Bahari Desa Tumbak, Sulawesi Utara

North Sulawesi, precisely in Tumbak Village, Pusomaen District, Southeast Minahasa Regency, is one of the regions in the archipelago that holds a million exotic marine tourism. Tumbak Village is one of the closest villages to Tumbak Island. To get to the village of Tumbak requires 3 hours drive from the center of Manado City.

Towards Tumbak village, you will pass Jalan Kawangkoan-Tomohon, then the journey continues via Jalan Wioli. During the trip, tourists will experience difficulties because road access is increasingly difficult and narrow because visitors will pass through the forest and road access is still under repair.

However, lately, it seems that this problem is no longer a problem. Because, almost every week tourists inside and outside the island come to him. feeling tired and tired was paid off when he arrived at the village of Tumbak. their warm smiles and friendly greetings to welcome tourists disappeared instantly. Some of them immediately approached and peddled the fresh sea catch.

Tumbak village itself has residents of about 400 families. Tumbak village community is very closely related to maritime culture, this can be seen from the majority of the population working as fishermen. Considering the village of Tumbak with the freshness of 200 hectares of mangrove forest, you will not regret visiting a village that presents a variety of natural beauty.

A village that presents seven small uninhabited islands around Tumbak Village. Among them are the islands of Ponteng, Baling-baling, Pakolor, Kukusan, Behind the horse, Bangkoan and the white stone island. Seen from a distance the islands are like pieces of layer cake which are dominated by green. It takes about 15 – 30 minutes to reach the destination by boat.

Between Tumbak Village and Bentenan Island, there is a cottage built by the Yoan family as a place to stay for tourists. The beauty of Tumbak village with its small islands is one of the natural marine tourism spots. Visitors can do spot diving and snorkeling on the island of Ponteng which presents a variety of marine life.

Moving to the island of Baling-baling, tourists are welcome to take pictures. However, visitors have to climb on the hill of this island to get perfect results with a background sea view behind it. It’s different again on the island of Bentenan which offers views of the mangrove forest. Including the savanna with green grass and the wind making the atmosphere of the island of Bentenan feel cool.